Origin of Multiverse Reality

Computer Graphics 1 - Rendering Competition 

Why should we win the competition?

Our idea is an amalgam of Science fiction and abstract art. We have used our idea with imagination and artistic creativity to make use of some of the features we learned along the course to render a visually appealing and meaningful image. We spent a major part of our efforts on fine-tuning the combination of lights, their intensity, and position to get the desired effects. This makes our image unique and deserves to win. 


The inspiration credit for our submission goes to the German Netflix Series "Dark" and our beloved "Marvel Universe". To be precise it was the "Reality stone" (from avengers) and Existence of a Cave  in Winden (German city, reference: "Dark") where alternative realities and timelines met that fascinated us. Let's know more about this fascinating room:

  • We have constructed a room where the origin of this Multiverse Reality exists and in the center lies a stone powerful than the reality stone, capable of altering realities and timelines. 
  • For depicting timelines we have used the earth, farther the instance of the earth means more time gap from this present origin. 
  • Navigating to the left side of the stone you enter the past and for the future enter the right side. Going to the left side of the reality stone, you enter the past and for the future go to the right. 
  • Mirrors on both extreme sides of this room take you to the alternative dimension (Mirrored universe as we call) and also create the sense of the existence of infinite realities and thus our earth's instances. 
  • Be careful from the mighty and holy stone which is in continuous motion, it emerged out of the dark hole and it was powerful enough to crack the surface.  

P.S Image on the right are some of the images which inspired us 


Rendering Process/ Features

(It is recommended to view the website in the bright mode for the in-process images. We are putting these images to show the incremental scene building before rendering the final one)

Scene Building

  • Background wall: Using triangles, texture image, and Lambertian material         
  • Earth : Using spheres, texture mapping, and spherical coordmappers for bringing realism   
  • White Point source light at the back for scene illumination. It was adjusted till the final scene to bring out the best results.                                                 
  • Ceiling: Using triangles and a combination of materials (red Lambertian texture, Phong material, and mirror material). For the scene, we wanted some reflection of the environment on top for good effects, and thus adding a mirror with Phong material gave it a good look.
  • Floor: We wanted to give the effect of the cracked surface from which Stone emerged and used Bump mapping for the floor with a cracked texture image with greenish Perlin noise and Phong material. 

Instances of Universe

Using the instancing feature, 2 instances were created for the scene created above. One was translated towards the left and the other was translated towards the right. Translation values were adjusted in order to have proper symmetry on both sides since we wanted to bring out the convergence of past and future timelines around our Stone.  

Reality stone and Mirroring of a dimension

Mirrored walls on the left and right end: Using a combination of materials (mirror material, Phong material with blue texture) mirrored walls were created. 
Reality stone: Spherical object with red Lambertian and glass material
Motion Blur effect in the sphere (to depict the continuous motion to move different universes) 

Final lightning and Sampling

This was the game-changer and a major part of the work. Though the lights were simple to create during assignments but using them with the right values and the right position to bring out the best visuals was a challenge for us which we dealt with our imagination and hit-and-trial
White Point light at the back of the background to provide some basic illumination
Red Point light  on the top, brought out the light mirroring effect at the ceiling as well as shined up the stone
White Directional Light to bring illumination on floors, and mirrors on right & left end. It also brought good contrast to the background
Blue Area lights at the top with quads, It improved the results especially as we see in sci-fi movies
Spotlights: 2 red, 2 blue, and 1 yellow spotlight with different intensities to create the effect of "Halo/Nimbus" for the stone as well as getting stone lit up from below due to reflection at glass material

Samples were increased and adjusted at last to get final image

Since now you are fully enlightened, you are welcome to this holy room! 


Lectures/Tutorials/Assignments of Computer Graphics Course WS20/21 at Saarland University

Texture images:
blue galaxy - pikbest
Earth texture - DKRZ - (NASA Blue Marble Earth texture)
cracks - templeofthegodscomponenta (Blogspot)
red texture- wallpapersafari

Images used in concepts:
Dark - Netflix 
Multiverse reality - forbes article



Pankhuri Vanjani 
(Masters in Embedded Systems at UdS)
Nikhil Paliwal
(Masters in Data Science and AI at UdS)